Thursday, 24 April 2014

Beauty Benefits of Vitamin A

Benefits of Vitamin A

       Like all other vitamins, vitamin A is very important for our health and beauty. Perhaps eyes are the first affected parts in our body if we lack vitamin A in our diet. For maintaining good eye sight we should be careful about our vitamin A intake. People who use their eyes a lot must increase their vitamin A intake.
      Our overall beauty depends a lot on our skin conditions. A glowing, smooth and clean skin is the prerequisite for beauty. Vitamin A being a beauty friendly vitamin, it reduces wrinkles, smooth roughness of skin and fades brown spots. This vitamin reduces wrinkles buy firming and tightening our skin. On the other hand the low intake of vitamin A causes skin dryness and develops pimples. The excessive consumption of this vitamin is the cause of dryness, roughness of our skin and also falling of hair. The deficiency of vitamin A is also responsible of dandruff.
      Vitamin A derivatives are called retinol.  This is present in many beauty products. Such retinol added cosmetics are used for skin treatments for anti aging and acne healing .This vitamin being an anti- oxidant, helps in the growth and renewal of new skin cells. The over dose of retinol is bad for our skin health.
      Vitamin A also boosts up our immune systems and develops resistance power in our body against infection.
      The easiest source of vitamin A are carrots, egg-yolk, cod liver oil, milk, spinach, melons, broccoli, tomatoes, pumpkin, papaya, green leafy vegetables etc.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Salt Power For Beauty In All Rhythms Of Life



Beauty In All Rhythms Of Life

         Do you know that salt is used for beauty and health treatment? The contribution of salt in beauty and health is enormous. Good quality refined salt well not serve the purpose. Coarse or rock salt is required here.

        The healing power of salt in these cases is instant, natural and excellent!

        Actually coarse salt or rock salt is very helpful for maintaining "Beauty in all rhythms of life".

        Young generation is more conscious to their beauty than to their health. But disease free sound health is the pillar of beauty. Again our mind is strongly related to our body. Ill health cannot generate happiness and peaceful mind. The toxic mater in our body and impurities in our mind hinder us to be beautiful. These toxic matters and impurities create negative vibrations in our total life and there by invite physical disorders and psychological problems. Our all endeavor and desire for beauty end in smoke.

        But the solution to the above problems lies in the proper application of salt in our daily life. Yes, Salt water is a new ray of hope.

       The ideal salt water is sea water. It is full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and living micro organisms. These vital elements create antibiotic and antibacterial effects for our skin health. It also rejuvenates our skin. The most important benefit of salt water is that it boosts up our immunity levels.

       If you take dip in the sea for a few days you will experience many benefits of sea water. But the same benefits may also be getting at your home.

       Start your bath with salt water. Prepare salt water at your home. Dissolve some rough salt or crystal salt in the water of a bucket. Now bath with this medicated water. You can use Luke warm or cold water. Never use hot water. After this you can take your regular bath with normal water.

       Here are the some benefits which you can expect from salt water bath.  

      Salt water exfoliates the dead cells of the outer layer of the skin without damaging the natural layer of your skin and reveals the inner fresh layer of cells. You skin becomes glowing.

      Salt water bath elements negative emotions, stress and reduce mental disorders

      Instead of ordinary salt add rock salt to your daily diet. It maintains a balance of high and low blood pressure.

      If you use any face wash, mix some powdered rock salt with it and rub your face with it for a bright glowing skin.

     If you have acne and pains in your body, bath with salt water. This will decrease inflammation and calm your nerve.
     Salt water bath is an excellent remedy against eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems.

         Taking bath with salt water improves our immunity levels. Hence, the importance of salt water in our life can't be ignored!