Monday, 23 December 2013

get Rosy Beauty



                             Get Rosy Beauty       

      Rose is a sign of beauty and love. The use of rose in beauty treatment is perhaps the oldest method in the world. In beauty treatment rose is generally used as rose water. Many many years ago African dermatologists used rose water as skin freshener.  Practically rose water is an excellent beauty product. It is an important skin tonic. Rose water contains antioxidants and many vitamins.
      Some recommended applications of rose water for both enhancement and also maintaining your beauty.
v Mix glycerin with rose water. Use this mixture as your natural moisturizer.
v Take a cotton ball and soak it in rose water and apply it to your face. This cleans your face instantly.
v Use rose water with a cotton pad and apply it on your eyes. This will reduce puffiness under your eyes.
v Mix equal quantity of tomato juice and rose water and then apply it on your face. This helps to reduce sunburn.
v You can use rose water as an effective natural makeup remover.
v Use rose water to your face. It instantly makes your skin fresh and glow.
Rose water can effectively be used for all types of skins.

Monday, 16 December 2013

save your Beauty from Pollution


Save Your Beauty From


   As pollution is harmful for our health in the same way it is also harmful for our skin. The damaging effect of pollution on our skin can be felt after a long time. Pollution acts upon our skin silently and slowly. General pollutants are dust, smoke, grime etc. Sometimes sun also acts as a pollutant. If we ignore this fact day after day our skin will soon become so damaged that it will be beyond salvage. Therefore we must be very careful about our skin before it is too late.
   To get rid of this problem a little care and discipline is required. Spending five minutes a day and with natural pampering we can make our skin healthy and glow. Make skin care as a habit in your daily life.
   The first thing you must is that always try to keep your skin clean. If you use make-up, remove it when you return from outdoors. If your skin is dry and you also do not use make-up, you should massage your skin with almond oil or sesame seed oil for a few minutes. After massaging wipe your skin with a wet cotton pad. This practice should be done after you return from outdoors.  Every time you will see that how much dirt the wet cotton pad removes from your skin. Long exposure to sun also damages our skin. To avoid or minimize the damaging effect of sun on our skin use sunglasses and hat in the sun. Good quality of sunscreen should be used before going in the sun.

                                                      ---:  Homemade natural cleanser: ---

                                         Mix equal quantity of cucumber juice and rose water.

                                         Apply it on your oily skin.

                                         Add equal quantity of milk to the above mixture.

                                         Apply It on your normal or dry skin. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

   Place Of Water In Health And    Beauty

   Water is a very vital element in maintaining our health and beauty.Water is the source of life.Almost all of our blood is made up of water.The human body is made up of fifty percent to seventy percent water.The sufficient amount of water intake helps functioning the internal mechanism of our body.It helps to reduce the possibilities of colon cancer and improves our digestive system.The maximum part of water in our body goes out through urine and sweat.The water intake rate should be high for the people living in hot climates..The intake of tea,coffee and other drinks can not fill the gap of poor water intake.
   Every person should drink at least eight glasses of fresh water daily.Sufficient amount of water intake easily flushes out all toxins from our body.It is also very good for our beauty treatment.Water acts as a moister.Drinking plenty of water keeps our skin soft,clear and moist.
   It is good for reducing wrinkles and it also arrests our ageing process. Before drinking water first boil it and filter it to kill bacterias as contaminated water may cause cholera,typhoid and gastritis etc.
   Some people drink water just before food for low food consumption.Water also acts as a medicine for reducing body weight also.
   So, if you want to be beautiful in all respects drink plenty of water daily.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

vitamin D for your beauty

Vitamin D for Your Beauty

      From time immemorial sun rays have been playing a very vital role in developing our skin cells and also in looking our skin supple and healthy. Our body can’t automatically produce vitamin D without the help of sun rays. Sun rays help to produce vitamin D in our body. This vitamin D is essential for our skin. It is also called “sunshine vitamin”.
      We all know that excessive exposure to sun for long time harms our skin. It is responsible for creating wrinkles and age spots. According to some, daily intake of 600 IU is permissible for our skin. But beyond this limit it may be harmful to us. For deficiency in vitamin D, milk, cheese, egg-yolks .salmon etc. may be added to our daily diet.
Between 9a.m to 3p.m sun should be avoided as UV rays are emitted maximum this period. To protect our body from sun rays sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and umbrellas should be used. It is advised to use sunscreen lotions one hour before going to sun. For oily skin oil free sunscreen lotion should be used in the face and oil-based sunscreen lotion for the rest of the body.
      According to some experts vitamin D appears to have a vital role in creating beautiful skin and sufficient levels of vitamin D in the skin helps boost elasticity, minimize acne, enhance radiance and the appearance of dark spots.