Tuesday, 25 June 2013

beauty as a gift of exercise


        Beauty as a gift of Exercise


      We shall start our journey to the domain of beauty with the help of daily exercise. But to reach our goal we have to regularly spend some time for ourselves as nothing valuable can be achieved without proper dedication sincerity and labour.

    Daily exercise has numerous excellent effects on our body,mind and spirit.

    The followings are the special gifts of regular exercise.

* Feelings of satisfaction

* A glow to the skin within a short period

* Youthfulness as it slows down the aging process 

* High level of energy and strength

* Sense of happiness as it lessens mental stress and depression

*Control of body weight

* Stronger heart

*Fat less slim figure

*Flexibility of body

*Better blood circulations in all parts of the body.

*Hair also become healthy for better blood circulations

*High level of self confidence

      To enjoy your life and to upgrade your looks with good health and fitness get up early in the morning and perform at least 5 to 6 exercises. Morning is the best time to exercise as the environment in the morning remains calm and quiet.

     No vigorous exercises are required. Practice only light exercises.

      Different types of physical activities are cycling,brisk walking,swimming, aerobics, skipping, running, yoga,indoor and outdoor games etc.

      Before exercising the following points must be kept in mind. 

* Those who are very weak should not exercise without consulting with doctors.

* Persons suffering from serious diseases should not exercise.

*People should exercise after 4 hours of taking meals.

*Do not exercise late at night.

       Hence beauty is one of the precious gifts of daily exercise. So do not expect to be beautiful without performing your workout at least 30 minutes a day.

       One day a week may be allowed as rest day.



Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Philosophy Of Beauty

      Perhaps every person in this world wants to be beautiful! The person who is beautiful always enjoys his/her life better. People who feel the  beauty of a person also become happy and glad.
     Man is also like a flower. He has lovely petals like flowers. You have the right to make each and every petals of your valuable life to make beautiful,lively,healthy,pleasurable and more....

    But beauty is not just all about your face and hairstyles only rather it is about everything of you. Everything!

    Beauty includes good health,good figure,happiness,good behavior,humanity,tenderness,good taste of apparels,sweet personality,broad mindedness,helping attitudes,desire for a peaceful world etc.

    Fashion shows and other beauty competitions are not the proper platforms to judge the beauty of a person.They are only for entertainments and business purpose.A biased person with vested interests can not properly select or feel the beauty of a person.

   If we can devote some time every day for our total upliftment we will definitely improve our physical,mental and spiritual beauty.Our taste and preference for dresses,fashions,hairstyles and behavior will also be something pleasurable.

   My articles will be published every fortnight.My lessons will certainly fulfill your many desires and reach you soon a new high in all aspects of your life.