Saturday, 31 May 2014

Pre-wash tips for Your Beauty

Pre-wash tips for

Your Beauty



      To maintain the health, beauty and vitality of your hair, you should resort to this following pre-wash treatment for your hair.
       The benefit of this pre-wash treatment is tremendous. Apply this pre-wash tip to your hair and be happy.

Ingredients:     a) Jojoba oil 1&1/2tbs
                        b) Olive oil 1&1/2tbs
                        c) Almond oil 1&1/2tbs
                        d) Rosemary essential oil 4drops
                        e) Honey 1&1/2tbs

                 Pour Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Almond oil and Honey into a vessel and heat this mixture for a while. Now cool it. Add essential rosemary oil to this mixture.

                 Now apply this total mixture to your hair and message for some time. Leave it for an hour. Shampoo (Herbal shampoo is preferable) to wash off your hair.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Beauty is now in Your hands

Beauty is now in

Your hands

   An important part of our external beauty is our skin. The skin and the structure of our hands play a very vital role in our beauty. Rough, wrinkled and unclean hands damage our beauty. Smooth, healthy and cleaned glowing hands enhance our beauty manifold. Taking proper care of our hands should be made a daily habit. To reach that goal the following suggestions may be 
followed in your daily life.

     Try to massage your hands at least four days a week with light pressure. This helps increase blood circulation and overall tone of your arms and fingers.

      Massage of hands and fingers with almond oil at night is very good for your skin of those areas.

       Make a paste of milk cream, a few drops of lemon juice and glycerin. Rub this on your hands at night.

      Apply good quality body oil or olive oil hands and fingers.

      The application of the mixture of glycerin and rose water on your hands is also very good.

      Bleaching or waxing is necessary for hairy hands from time to time.

     Wear gloves while washing your clothes as detergents harm the skin of your hands and fingers.

     Always keep the corner of your nails clean.

     Rub your hands with the mixture of cucumber juice and glycerin at least two days a week.

    You can also use herbal soap instead of ordinary soap to clean your hands.