Tuesday, 27 August 2013

for beautiful eyes

                                                        For Beautiful Eyes
      A great part of your physical and inner beauty is your valuable eyes. Your eyes are the interpreter of the conditions of your physical health and your inner beings. Through your eyes also you see the world. So we must be attentive to take care of our eyes.

      Practice this exercise for better eye health and good blood circulation to your eyes.

Time: Preferably in the morning.
Durations: 1 to 2 minutes.

                                     * Sit comfortably.
                                     * Close your eyes.
                                     * Roll them around. 
                                     * Move them up and down.

Practice this exercise two times a day.

 Every day rinse your eyes with cold water to keep them clean and fresh.
Try to have a peaceful sleep at least 7 hours in 24 hours
Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A & C.

    Try to share some time with children as it well lessens depression to some extent.A lesser depression will definitely enhance your inner joy. This joy will emit positive energy through your eyes.


Friday, 16 August 2013


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

eyes as key stones of beauty

            Eyes as key stones of beauty


       Eyes are the key stones of beauty! Bright and radiant eyes enhance the beauty of a person. Therefore, we must take utmost care of our valuable eyes.To win the heart and attention of others we must follow the undermentioned guidelines.
     *   Those whose eyesight are poor should eat some seeds of cardamom with honey everyday.
     *   Amla is rich in vitamin C.Incorporate amla in your daily diet. Amla is very good for our health and 
          also for our eyes.

   *   All citrus fruits, carrots,papaya, guava are also good for our eyes as they are rich in vitamin C & A.

     *   Eat some small fishes as they are very rich in phosphorus.

       Drink plenty of water for anti dehydration of your body.It will better circulate of blood in your eyes.

     * Good quality of rose water may be used as eye drops for freshness and healthy eyes.

As our eyes are the mirror of our mind and health, practice to remain happy and calm in your life and also exercise everyday early in the morning as I said earlier in my previous blogs.

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