Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Solutions To All Beauty Problems (18.03.14)

Solutions To All Beauty Problems

Q. I am a boy of 23 years. My skin is oily. I am suffering from allergy problem. It has created rashes in my hands. Please advise some natural remedies.
A. There are many kinds of allergies. Different persons are allergic to different things. You should visit a doctor for advice. In order to mitigate your allergic problem grind some neem leaves with some pieces of raw turmeric and make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas daily for 15 days.
Q. I am a woman. I am 31 years old. My problem is that I have been suffering from hair falling for the last 3 months. My hair is very thin. I want your advice.
A. Hair falling is a natural phenomenon. If it is excessive, we should take care of it. Make a paste of bhringraj powder, methi powder, amla powder and brahmi powder. Add some curd (for dry hair) or an egg (for oily hair) to this paste. Apply this on your scalp. Leave it for one hour and wash it off with plane water. Use the above pack two days a week. It also strengthens hair and makes hair shinney, soft and luxurious.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Acne Healing for your beauty


Healing For Your Beauty

Acne is a kind of skin disease. It is a very troublesome and difficult disease to be cured in a short period of time. Acne destroys the beauty of a person it creates  psychological problems and also hit our emotion . The scars of acne also create an inferiority complex among us. Acne generally occurs in teenagers. They cannot properly enjoy the joy and beauty of their teen ages. In some cases persons of thirty to thirty five years age also suffer from this ugly disease.
    The scars of acne are curable until it reaches its advance stage. At an early stage it can easily be healed with some as usual natural remedies. The main cause of acne is our poor digestive system. Defective digestive system occurs constipation. Constipation hinders in clearing toxic matters from our body. The daily accumulation of toxic matters in our body creates blood poisonous. This poisonous blood stimulates various skin diseases. Persons suffering from the scars of acne should strictly avoid junk food, spicy food, tea, coffee, sweets, oily food, ice cream, coca drinks etc. They should be careful about their food habits. They should add green vegetables and fresh fruits to their daily diet.
     Acne suffering persons should avoid easy and comfortable life. Exercise, sports, games and practice of yoga are recommended for total development of digestive system and good circulation of blood. So these physical activities are must for acne healing.
     Following natural remedies may be tried for acne healing.
Take some almond powder and mix a paste with little water. Apply this to your face. Leave it for one hour. Rinse it with water.
Apply a paste of turmeric and cinnamon to the affected areas in the night. Remove it with water In the next morning.
To lessen inflammation, use a mixture of powdered sesame seeds and water. It effective for acne inflammation. 

 For healing acne and making your skin soft, rub melon on the affected areas of your skin. Apply this remedy at night. Rinse it off in the next morning with water.
 Use of vitamin E oil and regular exfoliation are also useful ways to acne healing.