Thursday, 23 October 2014

Solutions To All Beauty Problems

Solutions To  All   BeautyProblems           


Q. I am a 18-year old boy. I have a lot of gray hair. Would you please tell me some natural remedies?
A. It seems that you have some health problems. Please see a doctor to get some blood test done. Apart from that, try to eat nutritious foods and multi vitamins. You may try this following remedy for your grey hair. Use the paste of bhringraj and amla on your scalp three days a week. Eat fruits containing vitamin C also, like amla, orange, guava etc.
Q. I am a woman. My age is 28 years. I have combination skin. My skin is very sensitive to facial creams. What kind of sunscreen will be suitable for my skin? Please help.
A. In case of such type of skin and related problems you should use gel based sunscreen. Aloe Vera is a herbal ingredient in Aloe Vera gel. So aloe Vera gel is your answer.
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